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NoThirdParty is a static Content Blocker that blocks all third party content. It uses a simple rule set that does not need to be updated. Although there may still be unwanted content in the requested resource, all third party tracking is prevented effectively.

Safari Extension

NoThirdParty is also available on macOS Mojave or newer: (3.323.453 Byte, SHA-256 80bc88317848a454d33faa87a57b5c5e904cc48c)

Pros and Cons

Why should I use NoThirdParty?

When third party content is continuously blocked, it is difficult to collect, monitor and analyze your browsing behavior.
Without third party content, pages are rendered faster in your browser.
Data Volume
Blocked content is content that is not loaded. Consider situations where every saved byte matters.
NoThirdParty uses a simple rule set that does not need to be updated. You do not depend on white or black lists that are out of your control or do not reflect your needs.
You do not have to maintain the content that you want to block. Enable or disable NoThirdParty in Safari’s settings (or reload pages without any content blocker).
Content blockers might also change the intended presentation. Without third party content, pages are often plain. Try Safari’s Reader mode or allow third party style sheets.
The app and Safari Extension do not collect any data. They only provide a static rule set that is used by Safari to block content.
Third party ads are blocked automatically. First party advertising is not blocked. However such ads might not be personalized or take your browsing behavior into account.
There may still be unwanted content in the requested resource. However no third party content is loaded as long as the feature is implemented correctly by Safari.
Third party content is often not controlled by the operator of the visited page. Untrusted content might be dangerous.
Third party content might be crucial for the requested resource and its functionality. In this case, NoThirdParty is too strict.